Rimmelehof - Holiday apartment in Tirolo

The Rimmelehof and its history

The Rimmele Hof in the 50s

1949 | How it all started...

When the Vernago reservoir was built in the 50’s the local authorities relocated great-granddad David. In 1949 he bought the Rimmelehof in Tirolo.

1951 | Reconstruction of the Rimmele courtyard

1951 | The farmhouse was extended

When the old farmhouse was extended in 1951 a second floor was added. In those days all the hard farm work was done by hand, oxen were only used for ploughing. Back then the tourism in Tirolo began to develop modestly.

1951 | The first ever tractor of Dorf Tirol

1951 | A tractor makes work easier

In 1951 Grandpa David bought his first tractor, which made the work on the farm a lot easier. Buying a tractor was a true achievement in those days — this was the first tractor in Tirolo.

1952 | The reconstruction of the house is completed, the first guests arrive

1952 | First holiday guests at the Rimmele-Hof in Tirolo

The reconstruction was completed in 1952. In the same year the Rimmelehof welcomed its first guests to spend their holidays. The Rimmelehof was offering rooms with breakfast, but running water was only available in the farmer's kitchen.

Passo Stelvio | Grandpa David's first Vespa 150

1958 | Grandpa David's first Vespa 150

In 1958 grandpa David bought his first vehicle, a Vespa 150, which he used to embark on wonderful excursions: the Bregenzer Festspiele, the opera in Verona, the Großglockner and the Stilfserjoch. And many more.

Vintage at the Rimmele Hof

1972 | The former cattle-farm is converted into a fruit farm

In 1972 Grandpa David gave up cattle farming and adapted the land exclusively to orchards and vineyards. That’s when he planted monovarietal apple trees.

The construction of Reinhard & Erni’s new Rimmele Hof

1993 | A new generation...

In 1993 current landlord Reinhard took over the farm and built today's Rimmelehof. And that’s exactly where we – Reinhard and Erni – are renting out holiday apartments since 1996 under the motto "FARM HOLIDAYS".

The saltwater pool

2009 | Building the saltwater pool

In 2009 we turned another of our ideas into reality: making our guests feel even more at home by giving them a new saltwater outdoor swimming pool!

Great-grandad David at the lake Reschensee
The old Rimmele Hof
The old stable
Grandad David taking in the crops | In the background, the episcopal Johanneum seminar of Tirolo
Viticulture at the Rimmele Hof
1951 - Reconstruction of the Rimmele courtyard
1951 - Reconstruction of the Rimmele
In 1951 grandpa David buys the first tractor
In 1951 the conversion is completed
Grandpa David is harvesting
Grandpa David picking apples
Stilfser Joch - Grandpa David with his first Vespa 150
Grandpa David | Harvesting
Hay harvest at the Rimmele Hof
In 1993 Reinhard & Erni take over the farm
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